Integrative medicine meets holistic care

Experience the fusion of cutting-edge
healthcare and holistic wellness

ignite your health and well-Being with our integrative medicine services

From Massage And Acupuncture to Women's And Men's Wellness

Our six decades of experience in medical and holistic fields are helping people live their best lives.

Want to feel your best?
Need help prioritizing your self-care?
We understand how tough it can be to put yourself first.

At Integrative Whole Body Health, we believe that integrative care fused with a holistic apporach is the key to achieving your optimal health, wellness, and happiness.

Experience Total Wellness with Our Integrative Services Near Denver in Golden CO

Since 1988, we've been at the forefront of promoting health and wellness through our integrative services. Our focus is to help both men and women achieve total wellness, setting us apart from our competitors.

Experience the healing power of our diverse range of services – just off 6th Ave on Simms, we’re easily accessible from anywhere on the Front Range or Mountain Communities.

Our unique approach considers
medical, spiritual, nutrition and physical health

Take control of your health by addressing issues related to hormones, thyroid function, functional wellness, massage therapy, acupuncture, gut health and nutrition, detoxification supplements, and more.

Our experienced clinicians collaborate to design personalized wellness plans that incorporate a range of services, providing comprehensive care that helps you to achieve your health goals.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our patients have consistently achieved life-changing results from our integrative approach.

  • Monica came to us after years of struggling with chronic gut issues and found relief through a combination of supplements to restore mucosal integrity.

  • Kristen suffered from migraines for years before receiving massages, hormone evaluation and nutritional counseling from our professionals, leading to a significant increase in quality of life.

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Integrative medicine meets holistic care

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We’ve made it easy to meet with our team of specialists to discover which treatments & therapies are right for you. Introducing our Whole-istic Bundles, giving you the power to choose a path and save.

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Relax, recharge and reset your body with our massage therapy helping stress, anxiety or other ailments. Next time you’re searching for ‘massage near me’, come over to Integrative Whole Body Health. Our therapists specialize in massages including Swedish, Deep Tissue & more.

Experience the life-changing benefits of hormonal balance with Integrative & Functional wellness by Integrative Whole Body Health. Hormone replacement therapy on the next level.

Our Gut Health & Nutrition programs help with weight loss and better health through food. Integrative Whole Body Health can chelp you take control of your health. Our expert nutritionists will curate personalized meal plans unique to your needs.

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