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Since 1988, we’ve been serving the Denver Metro area, helping people live their best life.

A dedicated nutritionist
to provide insight to the intricacies of gut health, offering tailored plans, food sensitivity testing, microbiome evaluations, detox diets and labs for micronutrients.
A seasoned nurse practitioner
that specializes in women's health, adeptly navigating peri-menopausal hormone imbalances, menopause, PCOS, Hashimotos and hypothyroid issues.
Our pharmacist
brings a wealth of knowledge, blending conventional medicine insights with integrative practices. Consultations for reviews with medication management are paired with extensive knowledge of the supplements they are taking. Pharmacogenomics (or how drugs are metabolized), heavy metal testing and neurotransmitter testing illuminate your unique needs.
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Booking Provided by Healthie

Booking Provided by Healthie

About us

Meet Nancy, a dedicated Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years. At the Integrative Whole Body Health Center, her focus is on functional medicine – offering personalized, holistic wellness solutions for hormone replacement therapy and thyroid health.

Nancy believes in a patient-centric approach. She recognizes that each individual understands their body best and therefore, crafts therapy plans that are uniquely tailored to meet each patient’s specific physiological needs. Her journey started with delivering babies, and over the years, she has stood witness to the beautiful evolution of her clients’ lives. This exposure has solidified her commitment to aiding women in their graceful aging process, especially those dealing with hormonal changes and menopause symptoms. As a woman who has personally experienced menopause, Nancy brings not only expertise but also empathy to her practice.

Her philosophy extends beyond traditional lab results. Nancy sees her patients as whole individuals, not just figures on a chart. The Integrative Whole Body Health Center embraces this vision, blending western medicine with integrative modalities and functional foundations. They believe in the power of prescriptions but also recognize the importance and effectiveness of alternative approaches in modern healthcare.

Why should you sign up for a free 15-minute consultation? It’s an opportunity to experience firsthand Nancy’s empathetic and holistic approach to women’s health. You’ll understand how functional medicine can provide more personalized, effective solutions for your health concerns. Most importantly, you’ll start a health journey that sees you as a whole person, not just a diagnosis. The team at Integrative Whole Body Health Center, led by Nancy, is excited to guide you through this holistic approach to your well-being.

My background of working inside the traditional healthcare system led me to become a nutrition therapy practitioner (NTP). After years of not seeing enough improvement in people’s health, I became disheartened and determined to make a difference.  Over the span of my career I primarily worked for health insurance plans in sales, marketing and business development. I also worked in complementary and alternative medicine as well as lifestyle medicine, which were exciting opportunities in my career that gave me additional experience on how to integrate holistic practices with Western medicine. 

My practice focuses on you, as a unique person, and together we find nutrition, lifestyle and even healthy aging solutions to put you on a path towards optimum health…for a lifetime. I create a custom program that empowers you to lead a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and supports your bio-individual needs. I’m here fro you based on what you need and where you are in your health journey. I will lend my expert knowledge and support to develop a custom program to meet your specific goals, and we’ll modify it along the way.  I won’t be long before you start to feel improvements in your health.

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